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Losing someone is a hard experience and often can be stressful.   Administering their estate, whether through a probate proceeding or a trust administration, can just add to the stress as both are paperwork intensive with numerous deadlines to meet which can be very demanding.  No one who is grieving desires to dive into a confusing and often overwhelming process.   But it is necessary and our office is here to help alleviate some of this aggravation.

We also specializes in drafting estate plans that work so there are no surprises when your loved one is left to administer the trust. We offer client  centered counseling to develop a plan custom designed for each person or couple. The  initial counseling interview with our Santa Monica or Desert estate planning  lawyers is used to learn about you, your family, your estate and, most  importantly, your goals. The next step is to design an estate plan based  around your goals using a team approach that involves your other  advisers, such as accountants and financial planners, in the planning  process to ensure a plan appropriate for you and your family. The final  step is implementing the estate plan tailored to your needs and goals.It  is our objective to provide you with a plan that works. Plans that work  allow you to control your property while you are alive and well, take  care of you and your loved ones in time of disability. Upon  your passing your plan will facilitate the distribution of your assets to whom you want to receive them and, when you want them to receive them.  We strive to provide all of this at  the lowest overall financial and emotional cost to you and your loved  ones

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